Ropes and Rowers Class at Equinox Bay Street

Ropes and Rowers Class at Equinox Bay Street

Beringer Brunch members are exclusively invited to experience fitness at Equinox Bay Street on Saturday, June 25th. A full body circuit built on battling ropes and the Water Rower, driving balanced strength and greater cardio fitness to propel your performance.  The exhilarating solo and team competition will push you to bring it, beat it and brag about it. 

After class, Equinox will provide complimentary smoothies and those interested in membership are invited back to Equinox to experience a complimentary three day trial. 

Saturday, June 25th 2016, 11.15am.

Equinox Bay St, 199 Bay St (3rd Floor)


  • Beringer members - $10
  • Equinox members - FREE