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Lose the Perfection

For your New Year's resolution for 2016, vow to not be so perfect.

Doesn't that sound counterproductive?

Young professionals are endlessly seeking perfection - whether in their career, education, fitness regimen, or personal relationships. Trying to be as good as we can be is what’s taken us this far.

However, there is a dark side to seeking perfection in everything. Our overactive minds can often become paralyzed by the overwhelming number of hoops we think we need to jump through in order to attain perfection. What often ends up happening is we take very little action on many fronts and become indecisive and confused.

Whether it’s picking which task to finish first at work or simply what to eat for dinner, we can often ponder over the choices for hours on end. And after all that time, we make a decision that usually isn’t perfect anyway.

This new year, try to lower the bar, and focus on being a little bit better each day. Take one step further, learn from today's mistakes, iterate tomorrow, and don't be so hard on yourself.

As bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Done is better than good.”