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Living in a French Chateau with G&T

Sometimes, dreams do come true. Easter 2016 was that time for us. We visited Château St. Julien in west-central France, a massive castle-like structure that accommodates fifty people in the midst of acres of gardens, fields and oak forests.

G&T Weekends is a new organization for young professionals around the world that hosts holidays away from your normal life, in jaw-dropping countryside castles, châteaus, and villas around the world, with all-inclusive pricing. Their inaugural trips are in Europe, with sights set on international locations next.

The trip to France with Beringer Brunch members this past Easter met all of our very high expectations. Arriving at the château after a quick hour and a half train ride from Paris, we were greeted promptly with champagne and hors d'oeuvres in a cozy room with a wood fireplace that will take you back centuries.

After we got acquainted with each of our bedrooms and freshened up, we caught our first glimpse at what the rest of our weekend would be like. We sat in the dining room together at a long harvest wood table. And then we were introduced to a four course french meal, family-style, by the in-house catering team. And the bottles of local vino were pouring like water. Dessert followed.

There was no better way to meet fellow young professionals from Canada, the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand than to sit with them through a long french meal accompanied by endless wine. It was quite interesting to hear about their lives, and how they can be so different yet so similar in so many ways.

Afterwards, the dining room was cleared and the DJ took over the main floor of the château. As darkness hit the grounds, we drank even more wine and danced the night away.

Waking up with a hangover can be a terrible experience - that is, unless, you wake up in a castle and go downstairs in your pyjamas for a Parisian breakfast and an early start to drinking rosé.

The rest of the four day trip was much of the same goodness - long walks along the gardens, drinking champagne, eating ridiculously delicious meals cooked in house, and - i forgot to mention - cooking classes and champagne tastings.

G&T has multiple trips coming up this year, including a week of sailing in Italy, partying in a Swedish lake house, and spending New Years in Iceland. Stay tuned as Beringer Brunch members are invited to be a part of all of these amazing adventures!

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